We offer a diverse line of products, and we make each ring or necklace or earrings for each customers, Each item is handcrafted and unlike Chinese makers we do not mass produce your item. The Quality and Hand Crafted Line we have created is considered Fashion not Costume Jewelry. We average between 2.5 weeks and 4 weeks on average and with some genuine gemstones this can extend out to 5 weeks due to hand cutting, some custom products can take longer to 6 weeks, as we may have to make new dies or create new designs based on your purchase. Feel free to write wwoshp@yahoo.com and request an ORDER UPDATE at anytime.
We process orders after 3 days allowing you to alter or change or your order, after 3 days , we can charge you a restock charge, by making a purchase you agree to such charge. Silver Restock: 25.00 Gold Restock: 100.00 We regret having to do this however, we do order materials for every item we sell and we must make this decision to keep our costs down passing them along to you as a customer. This policy is separate from our RETURN POLICY please read it to understand it as well. In order to cancel you must WRITE US! WITHIN 3 DAYS and we will refund your order direct to the charge card or PayPal if you pay us under other payment systems please allow time for our internal accounting team to refund you via check or money order.
By making this purchase, you agree as a customer to abide by the terms of our store. We suggest you read this FAQ's fully and should you have any questions please write our Customer Service Department at wwoshp@yahoo.com ATTN CUSTOMER SERVICE. Our Refund Policy : Because we are a CUSTOM MANUFACTURER we do not OFFER REFUNDS WHATSOEVER on the following; ANY CUSTOM PRODUCT (changes to item by customer) And by making this purchase you agree that you understand this fully, NO REFUND.ON CUSTOM CHANGED ITEMS. You also agree to forfeit your refund at Pay Pal or Stripe if you order a CUSTOM PRODUCT by making this purchase. BLACK OVER ITEM: Since Black over Products are Plated and WILL WEAR OFF OVER TIME or EXPOSURE TO SKIN ACIDS OR CHEMICAL SOLVENTS such as gasoline, or pool chemicals, and even dish soap WE DO NOT ALLOW RETURNS on such items, and again by making this purchase you agree that it is NO RETURNABLE and agree to forfeit your refund via PayPal or via Stripe. We however can re plate in certain cases, and recommend you contact CUSTOMER SERVICE via wwoshp@yahoo.com. We also offer re plates at the cost of 35.00 per re plate of the black. DAMAGED ITEMS: If the damage is twisting or bending we DO NOT OFFER RETURNS and you agree to forfeit your rights to REFUND in such cases with Pay Pal or Stripe and by making this purchase you understand this warranty determination. NOT AS DESCRIBED OR AS PHOTO: As we use high quality molds and dies, we OFFER NO REFUND for this reason your ring is as close to the ORIGINAL 3 Dimensional Rendering and is in no means completely off. You agree to forfeit all claims of refund by making this purchase with Pay Pal or Stripe. What is covered! WE WILL WARRANTY YOUR PURCHASE FOR 30 DAYS for all manufacturing defects, and defects upon arrival, WE DO PROVIDE SERVICE so before requesting a return please seek help via Customer Service at wwoshp@yahoo.com CUSTOMER SERVICE. By making this purchase should you desire a REFUND we require you to RETURN YOUR RING OR ITEM and PROVIDE A TRACKING NUMBER. You agree by making this purchase to RETURN your item before requesting a REFUND, items not returned you forfeit and understand this by purchase of your order payment via Pay Pal or Stripe. We DO NOT refund mailing costs.
We offer Worldwide Shipping FREE! We use USPS and can provide a tracking number upon shipment, in cases of certain countries we will also use India Post or D.H.L. We offer upgraded shipping PURCHASE VIA ITEM IN STORE, but this does not speed up the delivery time of manufacturing but can at the mail out. USPS is FIRST CLASS with a Tracking Number and is more than adequate.
We ship and manufacture worldwide, however, we set stones, and other items in the United States and India, we manage all business from Michigan and inspect all shipments in the United States so all U S Shipments receive a gift box, while overseas shipments DO NOT INCLUDE gift boxes. Rush shipments are shipped from the best plant possible to ship your item from either U.S. or India in such cases, if India you would not receive a gift box All United States manufacturers include a Gift Box.
Tracking numbers are provided upon mailing requesting tracking numbers before shipment may often be ignored you are however welcome to check your status by writing customer service wwoshp@yahoo.com ATTN Customer Service, we do not maintain phone service however agents can contact you if you include a phone number to attempt to work out any issues.
We suggest you fix your ring local at a local jewelry store, however, we do offer repairs for flat fees, please include a check or money order made to Temple of the Ancient Dragon for repairs after contacting custom service for an estimate of repairs. wwoshp@yahoo.com ATTN CUSTOMER SERVICE.
Please be exact on the sizes, we do not stock sizes, and do not return rings or size errors, in some cases be exact because rings often are not able to be resized. In some cases you can mail a ring back to our India Repair facility for a resize include a check or money order for the repair or resize error for 50.00 on Silver or 100.00 on Gold and 250.00 on Platinum, as some rings require refinishing and we must recover the mailing back to you. Please contact CUSTOMER SERVICE wwoshp@yahoo.com for instructions, please allow mailing times up to 40 days round trip.
We DO NOT WARRANT Black Plating, or Gold Plating whatsoever, since we cannot determine that the ring was exposed to any solvents, if you need a re-plate you can send to our India Repair Facility with a Check or Money Order for 50.00. Please Contact CUSTOMER SERVICE wwoshp@yahoo.com
We can engrave your ring up to 15 letters we charge an additional 25.00 which must be paid at check out and please carefully let us know within 24 hours of purchase what you want Engraved or we cannot Engrave your ring properly. A Check Out for Engraving is Located in the store!