Terms of Service

1. We custom manufacture each item by purchasing you understand that we can take up to 6 weeks to ship to you depending on the design and workload our factory is under in production.
2. We take returns but you must agree to mail to our facilities in India, we DO NOT PAY RETURN POSTAGE.
3. Some items are repaired in Michigan, all repairs must be approved by CUSTOMER SERVICE by writing and including detailed problem information.
4. As a customer, you agree to work out all refunds or returns via CUSTOMER SERVICE wwoshp@yahoo.com failure to do so or failure to provide tracking numbers, or wearing the item extensively will VOID THE WARRANTY.
5. We are not responsible for VAT or CUSTOMS FEES or CUSTOMS HOLDS we provide Free Shipping but do not offer refunds on postage.
6. We reserve the right to cancel our Warranty should the Customer Leave Inappropriate Feed Back or Fraudulent Feedback, we also could refuse a refund should this occur. All Customer Service Problems require Contact First CUSTOMER SERVICE wwoshp@yahoo.com